Emotional. Honest. Real.

Beyond Words

What is it that makes us fall in love?

A beautiful soul? A great sense of humor?

What about a gorgeous body or a panty-melting smile?

For me, it’s all of those things wrapped into one.

Only this time…they aren’t.

On the same day I lose my job, my house, and all hope for the future, I also lose my journal.

And the worst part...the most awful, can't bring myself to say it out loud part is...

HE found it.

HE read it.

And...HE commented. 

At the end of his message is an email address and a plea: Contact me. Please.

I know better than to trust strangers with candy, but, after a tequila-fueled night, I create a new email address and do just that.

…and the man I discover is overflowing with kindness and humor and depth.

 Meanwhile, I meet Lucas Hutton—a Marine with scars covering his body, heart, and soul.

The chemistry between us is a force of nature.

His intensity leaves me reeling.

 I can’t have them both.

I have to choose between them before things go too far.

I just don’t know how I can.