Blown Away: Ian and Juliet

Things in New York have gone very wrong for Juliet Lane. She’s tangled up with the most dangerous man she’s ever met and needs to get the hell out of town, like yesterday. She’s ready to start over. To rebuild her life from the ground up. And this time, she’s determined to do it all without the help of any man, anywhere. 

Ian Moore is so tired of dealing with women who are either digging for his wealth, giggling away their last brain cell, or who are way too uptight for their own good. He’s a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take control and he needs a woman who will let him protect her. Who will let him help her through the hard parts. Someone who knows how to manage herself in a ballgown, but doesn’t laugh at his cowboy boots. Someone who’s both strong and soft and willing to let him dominate her in bed.

When fate brings Ian and Juliet together in his home town of Bliss, South Carolina, Ian is at once everything Juliet ever wanted and everything she’s running from, all wrapped up in one handsome, tuxedoed package. And Ian can’t get Juliet out of his head even though she’s exactly not what he’s looking for. There’s something about her, something that makes him think she might be in trouble. That she might need his protection...

She needs a hero and he’s the one to save her. No matter how hard they fight it, when Ian and Juliet come together, they’re just BLOWN AWAY