Break Away: Lilah and Cole

When Lilah’s brothers bet her that she can’t survive out in the ‘real world’ without using her parents’ money, she accepts without thinking twice. She’s the Lilah Moore and she can do anything. Right?


Turns out the ‘real world’ is ‘real hard’ and Lilah can’t do much of anything on her own. Thank goodness for Cole Bennett, her sexy as sin neighbor. Every time Lilah runs into a problem, Cole is there, solution in hand. The only problem he can’t solve? Lilah doesn’t do casual and Cole doesn't do girlfriends.

Growing up with his drunk of a father made sure Cole learned that love hurts and relationships are messy. His motto? Better to love ‘em and leave ‘em before anyone gets attached.

At least that was his motto until the day Lilah shows up at the pool, all long legs and hot pink bikini. She’s the first woman to take his sarcastic comments and throw them right back his way. The first woman who doesn’t just fall into (and then right back out of) his bed. 

The first woman to make him wonder what it would be like to stay