Carried Away: James and Ellie

Ellie Charles will do anything for anybody, and her honest streak will embarrass the hell out of everyone while she does it. But just because she’s quick to offer help, doesn’t mean she’s quick to ask for it. And right now? With the bills piling up and the disconnect notices rolling in, she could really use some help. When James Moore—the guy she’s had a crush on for as long as she can remember—asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend, Ellie tells him just where he can put that idea. Sure, hanging out with James would be fun, but Ellie is worth way more than a fake relationship. 

James Moore fully intends to drink himself into oblivion so it doesn’t hurt when he crawls into his empty bed in his equally empty house each night. Between drinks with the guys and nights with the women, James meets Ellie Charles. While most people are busy telling James exactly what he wants to hear, Ellie calls it like she sees it. James may not like what she has to say, but it sure is refreshing to hear the truth for a change. When his friends suggest he find a fake girlfriend to get his family off his back, Ellie is the only woman he even considers asking.

When Ellie finally agrees to pretend to be James’s girlfriend, she realizes she’s in for more than she bargained for. Wrapped up in the safety of his strong arms, she opens up to him in a way she never has with anyone else. The more they’re together, the more Ellie realizes she’s in danger of losing her heart to him. And the more time James spends with Ellie, the more he realizes that he may have finally met his match. That just when he turned his back on love, it showed up in his life whether he was ready for it or not.

Neither of them believe in love, at least not the kind that lasts. They can try to ignore it all they want, but when James and Ellie come together, they just get CARRIED AWAY.