The Hutton Hotel—AKA: The Hut

The Hutton Hotel—or The Hut, as they call it—started as the Hutton family home, a sprawling colonial style house on the beach with more rooms than they had family members. The extra space disquieted Rebecca, their mom, a woman with a heart big enough to love the whole world and the brains to know a business opportunity when she saw one. It didn’t take long for the extra rooms to become a bed and breakfast, and for the five blonde children, nut-brown from the Florida sun, well-mannered and polite, to become a selling point to repeat customers.


Meet The Huttons

Can you survive a war and return to the scene of the bloodiest battles without consequence? The five Hutton siblings are about to find out. After the death of their alcoholic father, Lucas, Wyatt, Caleb, Eli, and Harlow Hutton are returning to the Florida Keys to help their mother with the family business.

Burke Hutton had been a good father…until he wasn’t. He started making money, and then started drinking, proceeding to ruin the family he’d worked so hard to build. The kids scattered as soon as they could, hurt and confused and wearing the kind of scars that rip through a heart and soul—the kind that come when love is given and then taken away without reason or explanation. The kind that leaves you wondering what would make someone wonderful stop looking at you like the whole damn world lives in your eyes.

But now, with their father gone, the time has come to rebuild the family. To heal the hurts of the past and step into the future, where a happily ever after waits in the wings.