Immortal Memories Part 2

She can’t be with him. She can’t believe him. She can’t stop wanting him.

Claire’s heart insists William is important, that their fates are intertwined. He holds the key to her past, so why is he keeping so much from her?

The veil has been lifted between the world she believed was real and the world she’s now a part of, and there's little time left to decide once and for all if William can be trusted.

Danger lurks in every dark corner of this new world. From the insatiable hunger growing inside her, to the man she can't remember, to the threat posed by Lilith and the Council. 

Now, when she needs him most, William must put Claire in hiding while he works to protect her. Unsure who to trust, she turns to Josh. 

Claire aims to retake control of her life, but every decision she makes comes with unintended consequences. What she discovers may finally allow her to remember her past, while those she cares about most in mortal danger.