Love Is Beautiful (Chelsea & Max)

The Official Chelsea London List of Desirable Male Traits:
1.)Must have a good job with a solid career trajectory.
2.)Must have a detailed five-year plan.
3.)Must be comfortable with my late nights at work.
4.)Must be cool with keeping it casual.

I don’t need passion or fire. I have enough of my own to last a lifetime and most of it morphs right into anxiety anyway. No matter how much I accomplish, I’m just not good enough to satisfy the nasty little voice in the back of my head. I work so hard to quiet it down that I don’t have time for a relationship, casual or otherwise. I definitely don’t have time for Max Santoro. 

He should terrify me, what with his strong convictions and furrowed brow, but he doesn’t. He makes me feel safe and soothes the whirlwind of self-doubt in my heart. He’s the first person to see me for who I really am. The first person to look at me and say “you’re enough, Chelsea.” He calls me perfect in the very same breath he uses to say he can’t get involved. This mountain of a man, this cyclone of passion, he’s either going to heal me … or break me.