Love Is Everything (Maya & Hudson)

Hudson Knox has a reputation that should come with a WARNING label and that makes him perfect for me right now. Just because I’ve never had a one-night stand doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way. Even a serial good girl like me needs to break out of her mold every now and then. Right?

Wrong. I chose Hudson because I thought he was the kind of guy I could never fall for—all cocky ego with zero depth—but underneath that playboy exterior is a good man with a good heart. Sounds like I just scored myself a sexy bad boy with a heart of gold, right?

Wrong again. Good men with good hearts are dangerous and I intend to stay as far away from Hudson as humanly possible. As soon as someone matters to me, I hand them control of everything. I make all my decisions based on what makes them happy—not me—and I’m tired of living my life for everyone else. I’m ready to find out who I am and what I want and my simple little fling is going to ruin my plans before I even get started.

I thought one night with Hudson would be nothing. Turns out it’s everything.