Protecting What Is Mine

Hank Wilde and Mollie Williams grew up in completely different worlds. Worlds neatly tucked away in the same small Northern Colorado town.

Hank comes from a large, close-knit family of six boys. The Wildes are pillars of the community, and the family’s ranch, the oldest in the county, stretches back generations.

Mollie can count her family on two fingers, a cousin she thinks of like a sister and a niece who she loves more than anything. The only things associated with the Williams’ name are that she’s the happy-go-lucky waitress in the town’s only diner, and the string of felony convictions tied to her dad, uncle, and cousin.

None of that matters to Hank and Mollie, though. All they care about is how much better life is when they’re together.

But they discover happiness comes at a price when their worlds collide, unleashing chaos in their small community.

With Hank’s family suffering a tragic accident and Mollie’s past resurfacing, their future together is anything but certain.