Swept Away: Harry and Willow

Willow Tamran has everything she could possibly want: an apartment in the city, her dream job, and a chance to spend a week on the beach with her best friend. What more could a girl ask for? The answer to that question waltzes into Willow’s life in the shape of Harrison Moore who shows up in a flurry of signs from the universe she would be a fool to ignore. Signs so powerful he might as well be walking around with a blinking neon sign over his head that says PROPERTY OF WILLOW TAMRAN: SPECIAL ORDER. Each moment she spends with him leaves her craving another. And another. And another still. There’s just one problem. Harry lives in Bliss, South Carolina and Willow lives in New York City and they only have one week’s worth of moments to spend together before she has to go back home.

Harrison Moore loves good food, good music, and a good glass of wine. He loves the sea and the sky and the open road. His life is full, with a job he loves keeping him busy all night and a life he loves keeping him busy all day. Enter Willow. A beautiful woman whose blonde hair shines in the sun like a golden halo around her gorgeous face, whose intelligent eyes spark with laughter, whose delicious body begs for his touch. Suddenly, Harry’s perfect life only seems perfect when she’s around and that just won’t do because she’s not going to be around much longer.

Willow is busy checking off all the boxes on her Great Big Life To Do list and there’s no way she has room for anything else, let alone something as life-changing as true love. Besides, her job only exists in New York. What would she have in Bliss other than Harry? And it’s not like Harry can just pick up the restaurant he built from the ground up and move it to New York. 

His life is in Bliss and hers is in the city. It’s foolish for them to fall in love, but when Harry and Willow come together, they just get SWEPT AWAY.