This Is Why

A little more than six years ago my life changed forever when I met Tyler Reed. He’s one-hundred percent Marine and one-hundred-ten percent man. From his broad chest and strong back, to his infectious smile and panty soaking charm, he is the man who invaded my heart and consumes my fantasies to this day.

He is the love of my life, or, I think he could have been if he hadn’t disappeared. Instead, I was left with the memories of our magical day of cosmic attraction and our night of unforgettable passion. Well, that and an exuberant six-year-old boy who I imagine is just like his dad.

Life since has settled into a rhythm, not perfect, but comfortable in its predictability. I can see the path in front of us, and have planned the foreseeable future down to the smallest detail.

But life has a funny way of throwing a wrench into those perfect plans, doesn’t it?

After catching a glimpse of Ty at my best friend’s wedding reception, I find myself wondering if he is capable of completely rewriting what I think I know about happiness.

The problem? I’m not sure how he’s going to take the news that he’s a father.