Henry (Hank) Wilde

I'm the fourth son of John and Marie Wilde.

So much for third times the charm. I guess when my folks got to three and realized they still hadn't done it right, they decided to keep trying.

And voilà - winner, winner, chicken dinner!

As for the two that followed…?

I've always assumed my parents just didn't understand the proper use of birth control.


Anyway, Chet's always been a pretty awesome older brother if you ask me. He doesn't talk too much, and when he does, you'd be wise to listen to the man.

Gabe on the other hand...he and I have always had a rivalry of sorts.

Why? I think it stems from the deep sense of jealousy he feels toward me.

Frank's always been quiet too, but not in the same way as Chet. No, with Frank it was always because he had his face buried in a book.

I really never had much of a plan for my life, per se. But then again, I've really never needed one. Things always seem to...work out.

Good looks and good luck. I suppose that makes me the walking definition of Charmed.