Wilde Family History


What's The Deal With Those Names?

Mom likes to joke that she and Dad compromised early on. I’ve heard it so many times it’s burned into my brain, He needed men to help him work the land, but I only agreed to give him sons on the condition we raised you to be respectable. I guess she thought peculiar names would be enough to keep us out of trouble; it would probably break her heart to know how many fights I’ve been in because of those goddamned names.

-Chet Wilde (Taking What Is Mine)


Chester (Chet) Wilde

Eldest son of John and Marie Wlide.

Reluctant surrogate father to my youngest brother, Leo.

Faithful, loving husband to Christie Wilde ( formerly Harris).

Dedicated father to Logan Wilde.


Henry (Hank) Wilde

Fourth son of John and Marie Wilde.

Best looking of all my brothers - especially Gabe.

Hilarious, with a heart of gold.


Gabriel (Gabe) Wilde

Second son of John and Marie Wilde.

Former high school football star. Currently, best rancher in Colorado.        

Happily reunited with the love of my life and proudest father to ever live.



Jacques (Jack) Wilde

 Fifth son of John and Marie Wilde.

 Believe in duty, honor, and family

Willing to sacrifice everything for the people I love.


Francis (Frank) Wilde

Third son of John and Marie Wilde.

Smartest (by far) of all my brothers.                                

Deeply committed to my love and my partner, Sarah Carmichael.



Leonard (Leo) Wilde